Building Envelope & Enclosure Commissioning Services

Ensuring the Integrity of Your Enclosure

Your building envelope, sometimes referred to as the ‘building enclosure’, is comprised of the roof, exterior walls, windows, doors, and foundation slabs. Failures in the building envelope can result in air and moisture intrusion impacting your energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality, or damage the structure and interior finishes. Our process includes a review of design details and specifications, mock-ups, inspections, and testing to help verify the integrity of your building envelope and maintain the thermal comfort and quality of your indoor environment. Contact us today to learn more about our building envelope and enclosure commissioning services.

Key Considerations

  • Moisture Control  
  • Heat Flow  
  • Thermal Barrier Integrity  
  • Air Infiltration / Exfiltration  
  • Condensation  
  • Constructability  
  • Maintainability  
  • Sustainability  
  • Daylighting Quality  
  • Ingress + Egress Security  
  • Building Movement  
  • Building Material Compatibility 

End to End Support

Our Process

Your Enviros BECx specialist will develop a tailored approach to help confirm your building envelope is cost-effective, durable, easy to maintain, and efficient to operate, with a focus on maximizing thermal comfort indoor environmental quality. Your team will establish, compare, test, and verify the competency of building envelope materials, systems, and components. Our process also looks carefully at construction details and specifications, and tests mock-ups and in-situ construction ensuring the best performance of the envelope.

BECx Process + Services

  • OPR Development
  • Design Peer Review
  • Issues Identification + Tracking
  • Design Recommendations
  • Pre-Construction Meetings
  • Mock-Up Recommendations
  • Mock-Up Testing Oversight
  • Construction Observation
  • In-Situ Testing Oversight
  • Thermal Imaging + Reporting
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Project Close-Out Support

A well-constructed building envelope reduces long-term operating and repair costs, reduces demands HVAC systems, improves occupant comfort, and increases overall building longevity. Research has confirmed a strong ROI for BECx with an average combined maintenance and energy savings of 16% for existing buildings and 13% for new construction.