Construction Phase

Operations and maintenance costs far exceed those of initial construction over the life of a building, therefore it is critical to ensure all your facility systems are installed correctly and functioning in accordance with the design intent. Learn more about the construction phase today!

Your Enviros commissioning agent acts as your advocate during construction to confirm the quality of installation and functionality of key building systems. Working with the contractors and sub-contractors, the Enviros team conducts site visits to assess progress, inspect installation, and provide recommendations to address issues as they arise. Functional testing is performed once systems have been installed. This process uses the Owners Project Requirements [OPRs] and the manufacturer’s specification as a benchmark for system performance. Your Enviros commissioning agent will document any instances of non-conforming testing results responding with troubleshooting and resolution assistance to the construction team to align performance with baseline expectations. Our focus is the delivery of your complete and fully functional facility. Our process and tools ensure all identified issues are tracked through resolution, including re-testing and verification when appropriate.

Construction Commissioning Priorities:

  • Installation Quality
  • Functionality
  • Efficiency
  • Maintainability

Issue Tracking

Issue visibility and tracking is critical to the success of your project now and in the future. Learn more about how our unique iPerformanceTM platform brings stakeholders together with the information and tools to support a smooth construction process and fully functional built product.